Joining RAG as a member allows you admittance to all RAG monthly meetings, mid-month "Introducing Astronomy" meetings and members' only events. There are also many other benefits of becoming a member (see below). You can attend up to three main monthly meetings without becoming a member and one mid-month meeting - from then on, we'd ask you to apply for membership. Membership of the group costs £20 per year and helps cover administration costs, public liability insurance and speaker fees when we have an external speaker.


Benefits of joining the group as a member include:


  • Invitations to all meetings and events, including members' only observing sessions.
  • The option to attend RAG's mid-month "Introducing Astronomy" meetings.
  • RAG related and approved activities are covered by public liability insurance.
  • The option to hire certain club telescopes.
  • The ability to vote in RAG's annual AGM.

to find out more about membership.

the membership sign up form.

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