***   Some 'online' Talks for specific groups are available   ***


Our 'Outreach' programme is delivered in two strands - meetings, courses, and events hosted by RAG independently; and events delivered in partnership with the Environmental Education Partnership Team (EEPT) for SDDC, also based at RFC, in their Science Fest Days and their 'Nightworld' Events.

Independent RAG events take place for the wider public, or for specific requests by a Group, and can be provided both on site at RFC, or at a venue specific to that community group e.g. village hall or scout camp. These can be as 'one-off' meetings, or more in the form of a Course. IMG 8759

Courses are held at The Peter Bolas Observatory  or within the Forestry Centre buildings

Within our overall programme we include practical experiences for young people drawn from disadvantaged backgrounds in the local area, to encourage improved engagement in the excitement of learning, and in particular STEM subjects.

We regularly support Scouts and Guides, and provide more detailed astronomical facts, and the practical elements of the various Astronomy Skills Badges.

IMG 0808   IMG 6685   IMG 9691

For members of the public in general we also host 'one-off' Observation Meetings at RFC, and other venues, to cover a specific astronomical event e.g. an eclipse, or the transition of a planet across the Sun. These are free, and are open to everyone.


IMG 6688 In addition, we support the Rosliston Forestry Centre Environmental Education Team at all their Science Fest Days, and ‘Nightworld’ events through the year by providing the Astronomy element, giving the public ‘hands on’ practical experience of observing, radio astronomy, and examples of astrophotography taken by our Members.

 There are always specific activities for younger children.

Depending on the weather, the event will consist of outdoor viewing of the night sky or the sun, if the sky is clear - but if weather is wet and/or cloudy, there is an indoor exhibition of telescopes, astrophotograpy, plus other activities.   


If you would like to ask about an Astronomy session or Talk for your Group - please get in touch using the Contact Us part of the website.