What's On?

What's On?

RAG holds meetings both inside and outside - at Rosliston Forestry Centre - DE12 8JX


INSIDE - Currently, because of the restrictions in place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, all Meetings usually held inside at Rosliston Forestry Centre (RFC) have had to be put 'on hold' until further notice.


We are continuing to hold these meetings 'online' using Microsoft Teams.
If you would like to attend (as a guest), please contact us.


Once COVID-19 restrictions have been eased or removed 

For exact dates, times, and details - please see the Calendar of Events page. Also, please look at the Membership Information in the About the Club page for how to join in with these meetings.



Outside - depending on the level of restriction for COVID-19 legislated for the area - through the year RAG holds a number of 'live' Observing Evenings at RFC.

Once Covid restrictions are eased and it becomes possible for a group to meet outside - such Observing Meetings will be subject to rigorous H&S Risk Assessment procedures.                   Usually these meetings would be 'open' to everyone, but during this period of restriction 'live’ observing will have to be booked in advance, and open to RAG Members.


              Currently, the following meetings are unable to take place because of COVID-19. 


RAG holds events that form the main programme offered for our Outreach work with the various community groups. These events are both presented by RAG independently, and promoted in Partnership with the Environmental Education Project Team at RFC. These are free, and are open to everyone.


4) RAG has Special Interest Groups for Members interested in improving their skills and keeping up with the latest scientific breakthroughs e.g. in Astrophotography, Spectroscopy, Variable Stars.

Members hold these meetings as a specific Special Interest Group. These would normally take place in The Peter Bolas Observatory - but during the period of restriction, the Astrophotography takes place 'online' via Microsoft Teams.