What's On?

What's On?

RAG holds meetings both inside and outside - at Rosliston Forestry Centre - DE12 8JX

We have two general meetings a month, Mid-Month and End of Month, and one Special Interest Group meeting for Astrophotography.

These meetings are held on a Friday, starting at 7.30pm.


1) INSIDE:  We have reinstated ‘indoor Meetings’ held in the Forest Room at Rosliston Forestry Centre (RFC)

However, these are now ‘hybrid’ in format i.e. we meet ‘in person’ at RFC, but we are still maintaining an ‘online’ link using Microsoft Teams.

Although restrictions for Covid-19 have been removed, certain precautionary measures will still be in place.


We are continuing to hold these meetings 'online' using Microsoft Teams.
If you would like a link to attend (as a guest), please contact us.


Now that COVID-19 restrictions have been removed …..

For exact dates, times, and details - please see the Calendar of Events page. Also, please look at the Membership Information in the About the Club page for how to join in with these meetings.



Outside - depending on the level of restriction for COVID-19 legislated for the area - through the year RAG holds a number of 'live' Observing Evenings at RFC.

Although restrictions for Covid-19 have been removed, certain precautionary measures will still be in place.


3) RAG has Special Interest Groups for Members interested in improving their skills and keeping up with the latest scientific breakthroughs e.g. in Astrophotography, Spectroscopy, Variable Stars.

Members hold these meetings as a specific Special Interest Group. These take place in The Peter Bolas Observatory or in the Forest Room dependant on numbers - but can also be accessed 'online' via Microsoft Teams.


        4) OUTREACH:

RAG holds events that form the main programme offered for our Outreach work with the various community groups. These events are both presented by RAG independently, and promoted in Partnership with the Environmental Education Project Team at RFC.

Specific ‘outreach’ events can be delivered to any community group - schools, Scout, Cub-scout and Beaver Groups. We can assist with children and young people in these groups acquiring their Astronomy Badges.

RAG also host events for adult Groups e.g. individual WI groups.

These ‘Outreach events’ are free, and the events held for the general public at RFC are open to everyone.

Please Contact Us for details and availability, and to express interest.


5) Private ‘Stargazing Experience‘

In addition to the regular meetings and Outreach events that RAG hosts, we can provide Private Events for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or just as ‘an experience’, etc.

This is an evening event, selected from the following :

1) A presentation about astronomy and space.

2) If the sky is clear - an observing session with telescopes and guidance.

3) If the sky is not clear - an extended talk and astronomy images.

The event usually starts around 7-7.30 pm and typically lasts for about 2.5/3hours depending on weather conditions. The start time can be varied.

As these are private events bespoke for each party, there is a charge for these evenings.

Children under 10 years are free.

For costs and availability - please Contact Us.

100% of the money raised from these events goes into club funds for our Outreach events to help with equipment and other costs.

**PLEASE NOTE - RAG is a charity (Reg.No. 1175118) and all of our members are volunteers, so Private events need to be arranged when volunteers are available.

Here are some testimonials from previous events:-

“….With my Dad's 60th birthday coming up, we were stuck on what to get the man who has everything! Previously, he had mentioned that he enjoyed watching the stars, so this was ideal.
RAG was super helpful in organising (and re-organising due to family illness) and nothing was too much trouble. They explained what the evening would entail and it felt tailored to our level...aka knowing nothing about stargazing! When we arrived, they had first prepared a brilliant in-depth talk that lasted for around an hour. This covered the history of RAG, a brief history of telescopes and space. Their passion was infectious and for such a broad and complex topic, the speaker made it feel understandable to all levels.
Afterwards, we went to the observatory, where they had set up multiple telescopes to view the night sky. On the short walk down, they had laid out lights on the path so it was easy to follow. They were patient with showing us the different stars to look for and making sure everybody was looked after - they made astronomy accessible and easy to understand.
I'd recommend this stargazing experience for anybody looking for something a little bit different to do. In total there was eight of us and the next day, we were all still talking about it and how interesting it was. The location is ideal and easily accessible, with what felt like little light pollution - plus hearing owls was a bonus!
It really was the ideal present because it felt bespoke, excellent value for money and the team were so lovely.”

                                                                                                                              N.F.  February 2022