The Peter Bolas Observatory

The Peter Bolas Observatory

Sited within the grounds of Rosliston Forestry Centre, DE12 8JX

The Grand Opening took place on 14th March, 2020.

The focus of The Peter Bolas Observatory is twofold - to further the study of astronomy for our Members, and to improve our Outreach provision for the various Community Groups.

Although RAG has always maintained a programme of Outreach, the existence of the Observatory enables this programme to be extended and greatly improved. It provides a resource from which we can introduce a ‘bank’ of teaching telescopes to facilitate ‘hands on’ experiences for all community groups. We now have a base to be able to put on series of courses in addition to ‘one off’ events.

The existence of The Peter Bolas Observatory has a major impact on the programme RAG has for children and young people. It enables us to offer ......groups from schools, scouts and guides, and parent and child learning   accessing the Faulkes Telescope Project, dialling in to large Observatories in other countries.

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